Team Treat

team TREAT

binu joy
Editor In Chief
nitin yashas
Content Editor
danny george
Creative Head
jino joy
Web Admin

At the core of the magazine team, we have Binu Joy, Nitin Yashas, Danny George and Jino Joy. Binu Joy and Nitin Yashas are the Chief and content editors. Danny George is the overall creative lead of TREAT magazine as well as other AlterDoctor ventures. Jino Joy is the head of business logistics and online administrator.

On the advisory board and editorial, coming in with their varied experience are Ravi Narayan, Olinda Timms, Anil Abraham and Prabhu Manohar.

We acknowledge our early contributors in addition to the above for their roles in shaping the magazine; Mario Vaz , Shirdi Prasad Tekur, Kuttappa, Rifa Khan , Sarthak Sahu and Laviena Mallela.

Do check our contributors space from time to time to get a short profile of these contributors. In time, we will also make it possible for you to collate articles of your interest and favourite writers enhancing  your reader experience.

The larger team which makes this magazine possible extends much beyond the names mentioned. In the interest of brevity, we will acknowledge them all as a group. For all of us on the team, we look at the endeavour as one of building an empowered community of medical professionals.


[ AlterDoctor group and TREAT magazine is conceived as a democratic space- of , by and for the Healthcare Community ]


Roll Call

Ravi Narayan: Public Health Specialist, Mentor

Shirdi Prasad Tekur: Paediatrician, Integrative Medicine Specialist

Olinda Timms: Anaesthesiologist, Medical/ Bio Ethics expert

Mario Vaz: Physiologist, Historian

Anil Abraham: Dermatologist, Theatre person

FPGI: Financial Planners (Guild of India), trainers

Sarthak Sahu: Medical Student, writer

Kutappa Appanervanda: Critical Care Specialist, Adviser 

Rifa Khan: Young Doctor, writer/blogger

Prabhu Manohar: Surgery Resident, Director of Humor

Laviena Mallela: Young doctor, Proof Reader

Mrigank Warrier: Medical Student, Blogger 

Rakesh Ramesh: Surgical Oncologist, IPAD Artist

Nitin Yashas: Research Fellow, Contents Editor

Jino Joy: Outreach Doctor, Online Administrator

Danny George: Radiology Resident, Creative Lead

Binu Joy: Radiologist, Chief Editor