The Road less travelled- The Partial truth

Why I opted to work for a humanitarian organization in a war torn country

Well I could say the main reason is because I wanted to eliminate human suffering and be “the savior of the world”, but that would only be partially true. For me the reason is also to fill a void, to find answers, created by a certain personal loss- truly speaking that triggered my application. Also, the need for adventure and the adrenaline junkie that emergency medicine makes you, added fuel to that fire. Not to forget being a millennial, the ease with which one gets bored of one task, job or activity; creates this constant urge to find “something new to do”. Also, since I am extroverted and inquisitive, I love exploring cultures. And since I am on this self-righteous journey that I will not have a routine “purposeless” holiday, like a tourist, I realized the only way for me to tour a place is live there and work ( in the bargain visit some places too) 

The partial truth

Embarking to, a war torn land still full of hope,

So cautiously, I packed my bag and stethoscope,

Then I was asked, “Why would you go,

To a treacherous land, of fire and foe?”

While I tried, genuinely, to introspect,

They mused along, curiously, yet circumspect-

“Maybe he is a silent selfless savior”

“Bravo to his very saintly behavior”

Amidst the applause, my face shone, my honor grew,

Yet I confessed, that reason was, but partially true-

I go to seek answers,

To fill a painful void.

Un-break an ailing heart,

That felt it was toyed.

A Purpose much deeper,

In this mission I may find,

While also leaving my,

Petty sorrows behind.

Few other reasons, I have also found,

I will be honest, as trivial as it may sound- 

I feel, maybe it is just,

A Frenzied millennial blue;

We ever keep wanting,

“Something new to do”!

Maybe it’s the travel bug,

That makes us tipsy;

And we can justify it,

Being a humanist gypsy!

Maybe it’s the ER,

The promise it could belie,

We go in its pursuit,

For the adrenaline high.

And it begs to be said,

Just once again,

I will rid the world,

Of suffering and pain.

But I must confess,

Solemnly to you;

That reason for my mission Is only, partially true

This article is written by Dr. Murtuza Ghiya before he embarked on a humanitarian mission in Iraq, with an NGO called MSF- Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).  Apart from being an Emergency medicine specialist and author of valuable number of books for emergency physicians, he has played a pioneering role in spreading awareness about burnout among physicians in India. He is a regional ambassador for WYSE-ILP which is an international leadership program for social causes, affiliated with the UNO.

Watch this space for more updates and a first hand account from the author on his journey.

Disclaimer- all views shared by him are personal, and not that of any organization or any other affiliations he has.