In a series of posts , commemorating Doctor’s Day this month of July 2022, Alterdoctor brings you some of the finest creative pieces written by Doctors/MBBS students across the country. The first piece is a poem written by Gautham Pradeep, a MBBS student from Mangalore whose literary pieces have been featured in many international publications.

Hanging from the pine tree,
a black flag wails
under the evening violet.

Few hummingbirds under the chethy red,
a blanket over the gloomy yesterdays.

A dimly lit hut,
holding on to a past that stands lost.
A candle lit in front of a tulsi sapling
and a modest soul that watered it.

Two brothers and a half-eaten tapioca,
sharing a silent night.
Now, just a chair with its worn-out coir.

A new dawn, rising under the grayscale,
hangs on the wall.
Porridge, warming up in the fire place,
solitude still a norm.

Finn and Jake lay sitting in their couch,
sipping on their daily cup of coffee.
Newspapers rustling in a lost then,
whispering me,
mine prayer of tomorrow.

Lost those days of son and kin,
large patches they see anew.
Grew them young saplings,
Pluck they their blood ties.

Run you to the farthest west,
and smell flowers on the misty highs.
Fall I into those beautiful yesterdays,
drink I those dreamy days.

Dreams, them I see.
The sleeping windwards and me.

Run I to the crossroads,
loosing I, my sorrow.
Them that lay numb,
know not the western slopes.

Wintry nights I do plead to.
One more night,
under the full moon gaze.

Gautham Pradeep is a MBBS student from Mangalore, India. His poems have been
published in international magazines like Indian Poetry Review, Indian Periodicals,
Spillwords etc. He has also secured a place in the short list of the Indian Poetry Award hosted by
Indian Poetry Review.