TREAT magazine has a mandate to enlighten, entertain and empower.

With that in mind we bring for you articles ranging from Finance, Social Medicine, History of Medicine to poetry, humour and satire.

While we can look at these superficially and put them into compartments, a closer look blurs these margins. Our articles often straddle genres and the content, even when entertaining, is informative.

We have therefore kept the overall look uniform, allowing you, the reader, to pick and choose your preferences. You can always use the intuitive site search and navigation to group and read articles or authors of your preference.

A brief overview of the broad sections:

-          Fiscal Fitness- This section has different contributors from the ‘Financial Planners Guild of India’ writing on different aspects of personal finance and planning.

-          Class of Chiron- A section on the History of Medicine

-          Alter-Native- an amusing and thought provoking section on alternative and Integrative Medicine.

-          Health Advocates- Public Health and Social Medicine made relevant and accessible.

-          The Right Way- Medical and bio ethics issues and debates

-          Skin Deep-Musings, Movies, Medicine and Much More

-          The Crib- This is the voice of the young ones; passionate, opinionated and articulate.

-          Off the beat- Here we feature our talented doctors with their poetry, short articles and ruminations

-          Tech.doc- We bring to you useful and interesting developments in technology and their uses.

-          Hi-Five- A profile of the best from the field of Medicine brought to you by one of our bright young contributors.

In the interest of optimal readership, we will limit our initial posts. Do expect more such sections with regular updates. Watch out for Anecdocs, Book Nook, Rx-Evolution and more…

For your feedback, we have ‘Contact us ’ space as well as a dedicated space with the individual articles. We request you to register with us to enable you to interact and comment. You can also log in with your facebook or twitter id to interact and comment.  Just to access and read any content on the magazine site, it is not mandatory to register with us.

Enjoy the TREAT