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Here at ALTERDOCTORS, our motto is To Enlighten, Entertain and Empower. Perhaps there is no better medium that achieves all the three aspects like a QUIZ does. With Alterdoctors being the official quizmasters for Medical Quiz at AUTUMN MUSE: The inter collegiate fest of St.John’s Medical college and on popular demand, we bring to you an online series of quiz questions. While the questions may appear to be only for the quizzing afficiandos, do make a note that these questions go beyond the illustrious books of Grays’s, Harrison’s, Bailey & Love. On the Contrary, A creative mind with a knack of good guessing/conning is what is required to conquer this Quiz and hence can be answered by all and sundry and not just the geeks/toppers. We proudly present Alter Doctor Medical Quiz Nights So for your daily dose of intoxicating quiz questions for your Grey cells check this page every night. A brand new question will be asked every night. Just click the question below to type in your answers. Visit our Facebook page for more details

Questions 1-24  Questions 25-49

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