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 On Doctor’s Day- A salute to your inner steel

The last two decades, the medical profession has been tested like never before; ever increasing competition in the market place, unrelenting scrutiny by the media and heightened expectations of the public.

The expectations from us have remained the same-uphold the altruistic ideals of the hallowed profession even under the tremendous assault of materialism and scrutiny all around us.

We are called to be as good as we can be, nay we are called to be more, but are we equal to the challenge?

As we look inwards and look to adapt and reinvent, we can’t do better than remember that lion of our profession, in whose memory we celebrate today-the Doctor’s Day. A renaissance man if ever there was one, Dr B.C. Roy was an icon who epitomized all that is good in our profession. Beyond that call, he was a nationalist who went on to excel in public life.

This magazine is a salute to the spirit of the indomitable doctor; clinician, surgeon, teacher, scientist, missionary- wearing one or more of these hats. Ours is an effort to acknowledge the best among us, cast a curious eye on the versatility around us, explore the domains which enlighten us and creative pursuits which enrich us. While we are at it, let’s have as much fun as we can.


Cheers and enjoy the ride.


Dr. Binu Joy

Editor – in – Chief

Treat – The magazine for Indian Doctors

by Alter Doctor Enterprises LLP