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Herank2 was rated by People magazine as one of the sexiest men alive, one of the top 10 most influential celebrities by Forbes magazine, and even has a good personal relationship with the resident queen of television – Oprah. Yup, we’re still talking about a doctor here – Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

He exploded into fame and into the television sets of people all around the world as the Chief Medical Correspondent of CNN, and is now a giant in the field of medical journalism as a special contributor for CBS news, Time magazine, and the New York Times. Plus, he’s a board certified neurosurgeon at one of the best hospitals in the southern part of the USA, besides having a soft corner for treating sick little Haitian children (Audience cue for “Awwww”). He was even offered the post of the Surgeon General (the American version of the Health Minister) but turned it down.

He is a leading supporter of one of the fastest growing schools of thought in medicine – healthy living. LoDr.Sanjay Guptaoking at the silent monstrosity of non-communicable diseases that have become the biggest global health concern, healthy living has become an aspect of prevention of more importance than mere disease control. He’s penned down 2 complementary books on the subject. The first being Chasing Life, which is about achieving what he terms as “practical immortality” using healthy living to improve the length and quality of our lives (he recommends coffee and chocolate, maybe there is some fun to healthy living.) The second, Cheating Death, is about how doctors and researchers around the world are trying new techniques to bring people back from the clutches of death. (Make sure you check out the first chapter of Cheating Death, a fantastic paradigm breaking piece on CPR).

The biggest reason that anyone should pick up a book by him or watch his weekly medical show “Sanjay Gupta M.D” is his amazingly relatable style of communicating his human interest story. He picks out scientific breakthroughs in different corners of the world (not just Ivy League discoveries published in Lancet), gives a human twist to it for the public to attach significance, and carries the story through in a way where it’s almost a glorious triumph of human spirit. An Emmy winning journalist and a world class neurosurgeon, Dr. Sanjay Gupta is face of a new generation of medical thought.

Sometimes a sea of change in the world of medicine can be accomplished by a lucky accident and the efforts of a few individuals who refuse to accept the conventional wisdom” – Dr. Sanjay Guptain Cheating Death.